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Want to create infinitely better products and services and write more fascinating marketing content and web copy? Hell yeah you do!

Creating more high-quality business assets all starts with WHO.

If you’re trying to create a product, create marketing content, write your website copy, develop a service, etc. it’s going to be SO hard to create those things if all you can visualize is a sea of faceless, nameless people called “your target market”. Not being able to see your ideal client, like an actual singular person, extremely clearly in your mind’s eye, is an enormous (but largely unacknowledged!) roadblock to product development and content creation.

Think about it like this: If the people you’re visualizing are vague and generic and fuzzy then the things you create for them (like products, services, web copy, marketing collateral) … are going to be vague and generic and fuzzy. 

But vague and generic things don’t sell! They don’t resonate with anyone in particular because they weren’t created for anyone in particular. 

So what you want to do is get quartz crystal clear on WHO these people are that you’re serving and supporting, you should see them as REAL in the flesh, whole human beings with personalities and quirks and eccentricities. 

Then you’re going to actively visualize that person as you’re creating all of your business assets. 

When you do this, when you can clearly see a singular person in your mind’s eye, your marketing, copy, content, brand, and products will be razor sharp and SO much more attractive and dynamic and interesting… because the person you were visualizing when you created then was more attractive and dynamic and interesting. 

When you have a CLEAR vibrant picture of WHO you are creating things for, the things you create will be more clear and vibrant.

Think of it like this; have you done one of those “white elephant” gift exchanges? That’s when there’s a gift exchange but you don’t know who the gift will be for, so you have to pick a gift that “anybody” will like. So of course you have to pick something super generic because you don’t know the age, race, gender, style, hobbies, interests, desires or personal preferences of the person the gift is for. You have NO data on them to inform your purchase. So what happens is you end up buying something that you figure most people will kinda sorta like. 

But when you have to buy a gift for your best friend… AHH thats way easier!! You KNOW what they like, what they love, what they hate, where they shop, so now you can get them a gift that speaks to their soul. When you love someone and deeply understand them, you’re able to buy them something that may even make them cry. They’re going to say: “OMG this is so perfect, I love it, thank you so much, you are THE BEST!!”

But no one is going to respond like that at a white elephant gift exchange.

Last time I got a white elephant gift, it was earbuds. Which is nice, but honestly i already had like 3 pairs of earbuds. So I was like: MEH.

Another time I got a set of tumblers for drinking whiskey. They’re still in the box and I’ll probably never use them.

As an entrepreneur, if you don’t know exactly, specifically, who’s on the receiving end of the things you’re creating and what their personal preferences are, what their personality is, the things you create will be boring, generic, lackluster and MEH.

But when you KNOW who you are creating something for, when you understand them on a deep level, you’ll be able to tailor it to them specifically. And then the thing you create will really resonate with them. Then your potential customers will look at your content, your copy, your marketing your website, your products and say: “OMG I LOVE IT, THIS IS PERFECT, THANK YOU SO MUCH, YOU KNOW ME SO WELL!”

Take action now

To help you with this endeavor, I have some homework for you today, which is to create an AI-generated image of your ideal client. You can do this for free right now by visiting:

Or if you just google “create an AI generated image for free” you can find plenty of websites that do this. 

If you don’t want to use AI then do find a picture of a friend, family member or client who truly represents your Ideal Client.

Next steps

Whether you use an AI generated image or a photo of a real person, your next task is to look at that picture everytime you create marketing assets, write copy or design products and services. 

This will allow you to breathe life and soul into whatever you’re creating. Instead of envisioning a sea of gray people, you can now visualize a vibrant, real, actual human being with a personality who embodies the characteristics of your ideal customer. Now you can actually visualize the person who’s on the receiving end of the things you’re creating! 

This visualization will bring SO much focus and clarity to your marketing, copywriting and product development efforts.

Look- humans are wired to connect with other humans, not abstract entities. By personifying your ideal client through an AI-generated image, you’re humanizing your target audience. This will create a more meaningful connection between your brand and the people you aim to serve.

An AI-generated image provides a tangible representation that goes beyond “demographic” data, and allows you to tailor your marketing strategy and product development with a personal touch.

Marketing assets and campaigns just become more potent and powerful when they’re crafted with a specific individual in mind. 


The creation of an AI-generated image for your ideal client is not just a “technological novelty”; it’s a strategic imperative that will give you a mighty competitive edge. It transforms the abstract notion of a “target audience” into a tangible, relatable individual, which will help you create unique, high-quality business assets with precision and purpose.


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