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Doulas; Here Are 5 Signs It’s Time To Raise Your Prices



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Setting prices (and raising them) is a challenge for a lot of doulas and birth pros.

  • If you know you’re undercharging and over-delivering
  • If you’re in an industry that’s notorious for burnout, debt + stress (and you’ve copied their pricing strategy)
  • If you’re working with everyone and anyone who’ll hire you for as little as you can…
  • If you feel like your time, energy, wisdom, love, kindness etc. isn’t reciprocated or valued…
  • If you know there’s no way in hell you’ll ever be able to fulfill your Ultimate Life Vision if you continue charging what you currently are… this post is for you.

5 signs it’s time to raise your prices

#1. You have loads of clients/are totally booked out/working too much.

If you’re feeling way too busy and at the point of burnout, increasing your prices can recalibrate that. Being super busy and fully booked with tons of clients is a sign to raise your price. Charge more, and you’ll able to hit your revenue goal with less clients, in less time, and give those few clients you do have an incredible level of support. Like, five-star, world-class support. They’ll love you for it. This one’s a no-brainer. Everybody wins.

Translation: If you have to work with TONS of clients to hit your income goals, your price is too low.

#2. People are describing your work as cheap or affordable.

If people are constantly saying, “Oh, I thought it would cost so much more than that!” that indicates there’s an issue with the perceived value and the actual price tag.

Price and value should always align; when they don’t, it sends up a red flag. If you see a Craigslist ad for a *brand new* 2023 Lexus and it only costs $2k, what’s your first thought? Answer: Must be a scam.

Low prices can send up red flags and create “scam” vibes. It can also make people question your expertise. No one wants to work with a lawyer that charges $10/h, you feel me?

#3. You’re constantly attracting PITA (pain in the ass) clients.

These are the people who don’t honor the container you created for them, don’t value your expertise/advice, don’t respect your time/boundaries, don’t do the work, don’t pay on time, etc. Working with PITA / wrong-fit clients may be a temporary/short-term financial bonus, but it puts you in long-term energetic debt. It ain’t worth it.

People that pay, pay attention.

And they do the work, because they’ve got skin in the game.

#4. You’re consistently creating amazing results for people.

Real-life example. After hearing about the ridiculous amount of money my clients were making from using my framework, I raised my own prices. Once I saw my clients hitting consistent 5-figure months, tripling their prices (and getting loads of clients at that new price!), I knew I had to start charging more. If you’re a service-based entrepreneur, you charge based on results, not the “time” you spend with clients. Big results = big price. Think of the long-term results, benefits, transformation etc. they’re getting by way of working with you. Even at my new, higher price, my clients still achieve an incredible ROI (return on investment). And they will for years and years to come.

#5. You fucking want to.

End of story; no need to justify or rationalize your decision to anyone. It’s okay to feel like you’ve outgrown your pricing. Prices aren’t set in stone. In fact, they should steadily increase over time.

Consider inflation, any new certifications, skills, qualifications you’ve acquired, your track record for getting clients amazing results, etc.

Dear reader, which of these items hit home for you? Do you think it’s time to raise your prices? Comment below and let me know! I always love hearing from you.


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