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 If you’re not careful, most of the business decisions you make this year are going to slow, stagnate, or stop your growth.

Let me explain why and how.

According to the National Science Foundation, the average person has about 12,000 to 60,00 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before. In other words, the majority of your thoughts (and therefore your actions and decisions) are 100% ON LIGHTENING SPEED AUTOPILOT. 

Your thoughts and decisions are based on past behaviors, experiences, and perceptions. Past, past, past, old, old, old.

You think you’re “deciding” each moment, but SO much of what you do is completely on auto-pilot, and based on old-ass programming.

Your brains’ tendency to focus on the past… keeps you in the past. Your brain is designed to default to actions, thoughts, behaviors and habits that keep you “safe”. BTW anything that’s NEW… is considered “unsafe”… and creates fear. Maybe it’s just subconscious fear, but nevertheless, there it is; keeping you frozen.

So when you have that “great idea” that you know will take your business to new heights, your brain begins to send thoughts that sabotage moving forward on it.

BIG PROBLEM: The smarter the brain…. the more hidden and subversive the sabotage.

You don’t even notice the hundreds of little subconscious decisions you’re making in each moment that move you away from your awesome new idea. That move you away from success. So when you fail, you think, “well, I guess that just didn’t work out”. Instead of realizing that you self-sabotaged like a mf.

A lot of times, the only thing standing in the way… is you.

  • Your own Self Concept. Almost 100% subconscious.
  • Your own Limiting Beliefs. Again, almost 100% subconscious.
  • Your own brain, trying to keep you safe (AKA stuck).

This is why every day, I do a bad bitch CEO visualization.

  • I ask myself: What’s the most bad bitch, sexy, genius, kick-ass, brilliant, creative, kind, loving version of me… going to do today? What am I NOT going to do today?
  • What am I going to wear? Then I dress for success.
  • **What new thoughts am I going to think?**
  • What habits, beliefs, and thoughts am I going to throw in the trash?

I think about how I’m going to speak, think, and act successfully. I visualize my success in detail. I see myself moving through the day. I think of what a successful person looks like, thinks, does, etc and I try to embody that.

Gotta reprogram those old crappy limiting beliefs! It takes time and effort to do that. A lot of inner work. And consistency. To help with this, I regularly do creative visualization, NLP, EFT, self-hypnosis, meditation, inner child healing, recite affirmations, journaling, etc.

Babe, your business secret weapon isn’t a new marketing tactic or business strategy, it’s your ability to bio-hack your own brain, upgrade your Self-concept, and turn limiting beliefs into Limitless Beliefs.


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